Permanent Tents

Our range of eco tents can be used as permanent or semi-permanent accommodation. Easy to construct and relocate.

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Eco Cabins for Resorts

Our range of Eco friendly cabins are the perfect solution for your U.S eco resort. Cost effective permanent cabins.

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Eco Villa's U.S.A

Eco Villa structual kits enable you to design any type of eco friendly accommodation solution.

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Permanent Canvas Tent Supplier

Eco Structure’s Global website was created to cater for the international market on behalf of Eco Structures Australia (ESA). ESA are a world-wide leader in providing cost effective kit module – Eco canvas tents, Eco villas and Eco cabins catering to the needs of both commercial developers and private consumers.  Eco Structures have over 20 years experience in Eco friendly design, construction, implementation and innovation. ESA have provided its high quality Eco products to commercial developers all around the world, including the world famous Eco Beach Resort in Broome Western Australia. Eco Structures are on the cutting edge of Eco housing solutions, our products are built to last and withstand some of the harshest climates in the world. Our Eco kit modules are comfortable, spacious, easy to construct and easy to relocate. Depending on the scale of your requirements, Eco Structures has a range of addon features that can be tailored to suit your needs. ESA delivers world-wide and provide excellent customer service to answer any questions you may have with constructing your new Eco tents, villas or cabins.

Eco Structures Australia PTY LTD is Australia’s leading manufacturer of pre-fabricated modular Eco Canvas Tents & Eco Modules. All Eco Tents & Eco Modules are created to work in harmony with the environment; are architecturally designed, flexible in application, foster sustainability and are affordable providing accommodation solutions to:

The tourism industry – Mining and resources sector – Remote and regional housing. Eco Structures Australia Pty Ltd aspires to be the leading provider of cost effective and environmentally sustainable Eco Tents & Eco Modules in Australia. Our objective is to develop cost effective environmentally sustainable accommodation products to service remote area locations and create cost effective Tourism infrastructure both in Australia and Internationally.

Our Eco Tent & Eco Modules effectively service a broad demand base including “GLAMPING” tourism, pastoral needs, workers accommodation, mining, and remote residential or holiday housing requirements. The Eco Kit Tent is the most cost efficient form of accommodation alternative Eco Structures develops. It is designed to be semi-permanent in nature, and may be used as short-term or permanent accommodation.

The Eco Kit Tent is based on a metal modular frame design, finished with ECO decking, and canvas walls and roofing.

A 4.2 m2 Eco Tent complete with internal and external decking weighs from 1.2 tonne and a 6.3m2 Eco Tent weighs from 2.4 tonne. Both products are supplied as a flat pack kit.

Eco Kit Tents are available in two ranges & three standard sizes and formats:

  • 3.0m x 3.0m single room with 1.8m deep veranda deck 43.56sqm under roof.
  • 4.2m x 4.2m single room with 1.8m deep veranda deck 60.84sqm under roof.
  • 6.3m x 6.3m single room with 1.8m deep veranda deck 98.01sqm under roof.

The Budget range is the same superior quality just without the structural floor & veranda. The budget range has been designed to be constructed on a platform of your choice.

Layout options are limited only to your imagination & the space available within the canvas walls of the Eco Kit Tent, allowing a variety of uses such as Reception, Information Centres and Group Dining Facilities.

Add-on soft wall bathroom enclosures are available and are shared with additional veranda deck space. Additional veranda decks are available to all sides of an Eco Structure.

Thermal Performance

The Eco Kit Tent utilises large window areas to maximize the effect of cooling breezes. The huge lave overhang is specifically designed for maximum ENERGY co-efficiency. Tests indicate that the large shade roof can reduce the internal temperatures within the Eco tents by up to 6 degrees Celsius.


Slide-on, interchangeable canvas wall panels allow easy removal and replacement of the soft components of the Eco Kit Tent, should the need arise. The modular kit frame system allows the Eco Kit Tent to be dismantled and re-erected in a new location with minimal effort.

The Eco Kit Tent has been designed and engineered to withstand extreme wind conditions, and is certified to meet Region D wind region requirements.

Eco Structures Pty Ltd strives to lead the market in high quality Eco Kit Tents, Eco Kit Cabins and Eco Kit Villas in regional and remote area modular accommodation; working together with governments, local authorities, and partners to develop sustainable communities Eco Structures Australia Pty Ltd has been founded on a long history of remote area accommodation experiences, hospitality excellence and an earnest desire to provide accommodation solutions with low environmental impact and high social development.


  • Eco Tents are Engineered &manufactured to Australian wind region “D”. Themaximumcyclonic wind rating of Australia for any structure. The Eco Tent complies with the highest B.C.A. (building codes of Australia) standard. In fact a fully engineered structure that just happens to have canvas walls!
  • Supply is complete. Structural steel – internal & external flooring “Eco Decking” – one 1.8m veranda – canvas & fly – all fixings ready to be installed and utilised straight away.
  • Completely modular and are supplied with all fixings in a kit form. Conveniently boxed & flat packed for ease of transport.
  • Available in three distinctive sizes 43.56sqm – 60.84sqm – 98.01sqm These sizes are under roof measurements and all Eco tents come complete with a 1.8m veranda as standard. Extra decks and an additional 2.1m x 1.8m enclosure are available.
  • Structural steel and fixing components are manufactured from hot dipped galvanized structural steel.* Structural steel has a 25 year guarantee.
  • Eco decking internal & external supplied. Eco decking is an environmentally sensitive Wood Composite product manufactured from a blend of polypropylene and wood by-products. Completely Termite proof and very low maintenance with a 10 year guarantee.
  • Canvas is 100% Australian manufactured. The canvas is treated with an anti fungal-mildew-rot resistant formula and is U.V. Stabilised for maximum performance. “Dynaproofed”*
  • Canvas comes with a two year manufacturer warranty and is unconditionally guaranteed for 10 plus years. A key benefit of the Canvas design is that it is not just one piece stretched over the super structure.
  • Each wall is it’s own panel of canvas. This is especially beneficial as any damaged panel can be simply replaced or repaired. You can also carry spare panels of canvas.
  • Insulated Eco Cell canvas is available as an extra. Eco Cell canvas is a double skin of canvas with an insulation barrier sandwiched between the two skins of canvas. Giving an extremely effective barrier for artificial – Cooling & Heating.
  • The Eco Tent tropical fly reduces the internal temperature by up to 7 degrees C.
  • Patented Duckbill anchoring system available as an extra. The Duckbill system achieves a very minimal footprint for the footings. This anchoring system is extremely advantageous in highly sensitive ecological areas and still achieves the B.C.A. for cyclonic regions.*

Eco Structures  has achieved the paramount environmentally sustainable accommodation modules on the World market. A highly modular unit dedicated to an outstanding level of comfort, engineering & safety.

Canvas Specifications

  • DX12 is a medium weight, general-purpose blended poly/cotton canvas which is especially suitable for a wide range of applications. These include: swags,marquee and tepee roofs and walls, temporary shelters, under tarpaulins, box-trailer covers and heavy-duty campervan roofs and walls. DX12 is also perfect for annexe roofs in semi-permanent situations, as well as high quality family marquee roofs and walls.
  • WEIGHT: Loomstate: 410g/sq.m (12.1 oz) +/- 30gsm
  • Dynaproofed: 505g/sq.m (14.9 oz) +/- 30gsm
  • WIDTH: Loomstate: 210cm
  • Dynaproofed: 204cm
  • CONSTRUCTION: Woven 52/48 Poly/Cotton Plain Weave

Steel Specifications

  • S1 All steelwork materials, fabrication & tolerances shall be in accordance with as 4100 – 1998 steel structures and as / nzs 4600 – 1996 cold formed steel structures – all welding shall comply with as/nzs 1554 – 2004.
  • S2 All steelwork shall be fabricated in accordance with the sizes, dimensions and specifications inclusive of steel grades and site installed bracing detailed in the attached fabrication and erection drawings. there shall be no substitution of detailed steel sections without prior written approval of the design engineer.
  • S3 Except where shown in the details all steel to steel connections shall develop the full strength of the members. bolted connections shall have a minimum of 8mm thick cleats with 2 x m12 4.6/s bolts u.n.o.
  • S4 All nuts, bolts & washers shall be galvanised unless noted otherwise
  • S5 All proprietary self drilling screws (teks) shall be “buildex” with zacs class 4 corrosion treatment.
  • S6 Provide holes for fixing cleats for other trades as directed in the specifications or shown on the fabrication detail drawings.
  • S7 Seal all open ends of steel hollow sections u.n.o. grind off all visible welds and brand marks to a neat appearance typically through out.
  • S8 Prior to shipping of fabricated steelwork, the fabricator shall submit to the design engineer
    for approval documentation stating the following:
    a) the name of the manufacturer (all structural steel sections)
    b) method of manufacture (i.e. hot rolled, cold formed, welded etc)
    c) the specific yield stress grade of all steel sections
    d) the manufacturer, grade and galvanic treatment class of all fasteners the fabricator shall
    provide a written warranty that all steelwork materials, grades, fabrication, fasteners and
    treatments comply with the attached design details and specifications.
  • S9 The steelwork erector shall provide all necessary temporary bracing during erection to stabilise the structure and ensure no part becomes over stressed during construction.
  • S10 All steelwork to have surface treatments as per the treatment notes

Steel Surface Treatment

  • T1 All steelwork is to be treated for protection against corrosion in accordance with as/nzs 2312 – 1994 suitable for long term protection in “mild / moderate /tropical / marine / severe marine” environments as described in reference clause 2.2 as follows:
  • T2 Mild, moderate or tropical atmospheric conditions shall be treated ‘gz’ hot dip galvanising in accordance with as/nzs 4680 – 2006 hot dip galvanised (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles.
  • T3 Marine & severe marine atmospheric conditions shall be treated ‘gzlp-e’ hot dip galvanising in accordance with as/nzs 4680 – 2006 in addition to a coat of etch primer (prn#10) 12 microns maximum plus a top coat using high-build polyurethane (clear) (prn#15) 125 to 150 microns dry film thickness.
  • T4 All damaged galvanising shall be repaired by the application of a ‘zinc rich’ paint (as per as 2204) applied to 150 microns dry film thickness.
  • T5 Floor bearers and joists – mild, moderate or tropical atmospheric conditions all cold formed zinc treated ‘c’ floor bearers, joists, bridging pieces and cleats shall have a minimum zinc coating of z350 (350 grams/square metre).
  • T6 Floor bearers and joists – marine or severe marine atmospheric conditions all cold formed zinc treated ‘c’ floor bearers, joists, bridging pieces and cleats shall have a minimum zinc coating of z450 (450 grams/square metre in addition to etch primer max 12 microns then a top coat using high-build polyurethane (clear) (prn#15) 125 to 150 microns dry film thickness.
  • T7 Finish or cosmetic top coat paints may be applied over the above external surface treatment in accordance with as/nzs 3750.16 – 1998 paints for steel structures – waterborne primer
    and paint for galvanised, zinc/aluminium alloy coated and zinc primed steel.
  • T8 All nuts, bolts & washers shall be hot dip galvanised in accordance with as 1214 – 1983 hot dip galvanising coatings on threaded fasteners.
  • T9 All holding down bolts shall be hot dip galvanised and in marine or severe marine environments have an additional treatment of etch primer to max 12 microns plus a top coat of “surface tolerant” epoxy mastic to 150 microns dry film thickness.
  • T10 Recommendation: a visual inspection and general cleaning of the steelwork by washing with potable water and mild detergents to remove salts and other deleterious contaminants be conducted at least annually. Any signs of corrosion or deterioration of the steelwork and fasteners shall be repaired according to the recommendations of as/nzs 2312-1994 or other applicable standards.

Eco tent installation diagram. Click on the images to enlarge


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